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24 06, 2014

Global Diabetes Corporate Video

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GLOBAL DIABETES CORPORATE VIDEO from Epic Studios, Inc. on Vimeo.

Here is an excerpt from an animated video we created for DraftFCB in New York.

23 06, 2014

Curosurf© Jigsaw Puzzle

By |June 23rd, 2014|Advertising, Animation, Interactive|4,122 Comments|

CUROSURF AE7 1920 h264 from Epic Studios, Inc. on Vimeo.

Sparxfly, LLC commisioned us to do a 3D animation of flying jigsaw puzzle pieces building the image of a premature infant receiving pulmonary treatment, where Curosurf is introduced to improve patient outcomes.

23 06, 2014

Brain Vesicles

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Recently, Sage Publications hired us to create an illustration depicting the cerebrospinal fluid-filled ventricles inside the human brain.

23 06, 2014

Red Blood Cells

By |June 23rd, 2014|Advertising, Illustration|2,005 Comments|

Exploring different layouts for red blood cell illustrations.

18 06, 2014

MOA Illustration for Prostvac© anti-cancer therapy

By |June 18th, 2014|Advertising, Animation, Illustration|2,914 Comments|

Solstice Healthcare Communications in Far Hills, NJ, called on us to create an MOA illustration for Prostvac© that targets the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in an effort to improve prostate disease patient outcomes.