6 06, 2017

Yosprala™ Illustration for GHG Summit

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Marc Phares of Epic Studios, Inc. partnered recently with GHG Summit to create a whimsical illustration for Yosprala™. Art Directors: Tom Browne and Jonathan Coleman. A spin-off promo sculpture was also created utilizing the 3d models and illustration.

Yosprala™ is a combination of aspirin, an anti-platelet agent, and [...]

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    Marc Phares’ “Cast Iron Stomach” illustration chosen as a winner by CQ44 Magazine

22 02, 2017

Marc Phares’ “Cast Iron Stomach” illustration chosen as a winner by CQ44 Magazine

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The first in a series of conceptual illustrations using human organs, “Cast Iron Stomach” was chosen by the design magazine, Creative Quarterly, as a winner in their 44th issue.


28 04, 2016

Artist of the Week: Interview with Marc Phares

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Victor Sorescu interview with Marc Phares for

Marc Phares is an American artist working as an illustrator and animator. Starting in art school,
he has been working in the industry for more than 40 years. He lives and works in the country
outside of New York City [...]

7 04, 2016

NYT World Bank Vault

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Published in The New York Times Sunday Business Section for an article about how the World Bank is now opening its data for access.

23 06, 2014

Brain Vesicles

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Recently, Sage Publications hired us to create an illustration depicting the cerebrospinal fluid-filled ventricles inside the human brain.

23 06, 2014

Red Blood Cells

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Exploring different layouts for red blood cell illustrations.

18 06, 2014

MOA Illustration for Prostvac© anti-cancer therapy

By |June 18th, 2014|Advertising, Animation, Illustration|2,914 Comments|

Solstice Healthcare Communications in Far Hills, NJ, called on us to create an MOA illustration for Prostvac© that targets the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in an effort to improve prostate disease patient outcomes.

15 10, 2013


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Avon needed a video for a new skin care product so they hired the Napoleon Group in New York and Epic Studios, Inc. to create a MOA of their drug without getting too technical for their customers. This illustration shows a stylized close up of their drug [...]

15 10, 2013

Alveoli Promo

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A cool glass woman seemed to be the perfect image to build for a recent sourcebook ad, so we created some 3D cross-sected lung alveoli, iPad and IPhone models and had some fun!

14 10, 2013

Curt Schilling Throws Rhode Island A Curve

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The New York Times asked for a cover illustration for the Times’ Sunday Business section for an article about how the World Series winning pitcher Curt Schilling closed the doors on a video game company he started up in the state of Rhode Island, defaulting on his [...]